Saturday, July 30, 2005

Opening the Door

Early in life, I opened the door to Jesus Christ in my life.  I spent some years studying the Word of God and felt that I was strong in my faith.

I fell.  I fell hard.  I spent some years making mistakes that make me who I am today - a stronger Christian, but wiser, too.  You won't find me thinking I know all the answers.

I'm not embarrassed to share my love of God with anyone.  I have two other journals and share openly there my beliefs.  This journal is a way for me to share my Christian self with others and encourage with the word of God.  My day to day thoughts won't be here, but often verses and thoughts about what I have learned.

Stop by once or stop by often.  You can bet I will be here almost every day.

Blessings in Christ, Penny

1 comment:

missboogerhead said...

Penny this is a wonderful idea!  I can't wait to see it take shape.
~Miss O